On Compassion

As much as you try to take a positive attitude into the world and even if you would consider yourself a patient person, sometimes it seems there can be someone who does everything in their power to try to rain on your parade.  It can ignite a range of emotions within you that perhaps are not deemed as “positive”.  We have all been there before.  It is how we react which is most crucial.  When those emotions fire up, it is important to remember one word: Compassion.  It is a hard word to remember when someone seemingly cannot be satisfied but it is extremely essential none the less.  None of us know what anyone else is really going through.  We all live in our own world.  Our thoughts, our feelings, they are all our own.  If you don’t want someone else to know what you’re thinking or what you’re feeling, that is your choice.  Although, some people don’t realize that their actions do all the talking.  They also don’t realize how their world affects other people’s worlds.  We are all interconnected.  So if you have the tool called compassion in your armoury, please use it.  It is a tool that needs to be shared more often than not for it is a very powerful tool indeed.


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