On Bad Days

No one really talks about them.  Bad days.  We all have them.  And it’s okay to have them but we seem to glaze over them.  We want to keep things positive because there is already so much negativity out there.

We need to talk more about bad days.  We can’t keep hiding from them.  It’s like hiding our clutter and mess when we have guests coming over to our house.  Of course we want our house to look clean and presentable when we have people over for dinner.  The house needs a proper cleaning though, not just some half ass bandaid of shoving shit in cupboards and sweeping things under rugs.

It might not feel like the appropriate time to deal with whatever it is that’s going on.  It always seems like there is something else to prioritize over facing what it is that’s going on.  Or we feel like maybe it will just go away on its own.  We put on a mask, a brave face.  But it’s just a mask.  Masks crumble, they become worn out, and then you’re back to square one with what you’re dealing with (or rather, not dealing with).


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