On Scalping

There is a special place in hell for scalpers.  People who purchase tickets to gigs and then sell them to make a profit are terrible human beings.  There is probably another person out there who is incredibly passionate about the art/artist but were unable to get their hands on a ticket.  Probably due to the fact that some asshole decided to buy 10 tickets to a gig with no intention of going.  If you buy a ticket with the intention of going to the gig, great.  If something happens last minute and you aren’t able to make the gig, sell the ticket for what you paid for it.  That’s just good manners.  How dare anyone try to make a profit on something they contributed nothing towards!  The artist sells tickets to make money because they’ve put in the hours and the hard work to create something to share with the world.  Scalpers have not and are not contributing in any way shape or form.  They are leeching off of someone else’s hard work.


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