On Perspective

Perspective is realizing that everything is not about you.  It is easy to lash out because we feel hurt or threatened in some sort of way.  What we need to remember is that there is another person in this situation.  Remember that when you perceive the way they are acting towards you as negative, that their actions or words most likely has nothing to do with you.  It has everything to do with that person.  Sometimes people project their insecurities onto others.  Take a step back and realize that the way you take something is exactly that, the way you take it.  Perhaps it wasn’t intended for you to take it a certain way.  It’s about perspective.


On Consuming The Fake

It seems too easy to consume the fake lately.  We love seeing over edited photos and photoshopped models.  We love reading headlines without reading the story or actually doing our research into the issues at hand.  We have become so hungry for everything all at once that nothing really catches and holds our attention anymore.  We see something, double tap, and then forget about it as soon as we scroll onto the next photo.  We browse a headline, formulate an opinion based off of one sentence, then move onto the next story.  When will we pause and take some time to reflect?  When will we start demanding what’s real?

On Ego

Ego is what prevents us from thinking straight.  Ego is what prevents us from thinking from the heart.  It prevents us from being compassionate.  Ego lashes out when it feels like it is being attacked or when it feels like it is about to become bruised.  Ego is selfish and self centred.  Ego believes that everything revolves around it.  It doesn’t stop to analyze the situation and put itself in other people’s shoes.  Don’t let ego control your life.  Know that there are bigger pieces to the puzzle.  Let your heart rule.

On Having Too Much To Say

Have you ever had so much on your mind that you’ve forgotten to say something?  When conversation flows, naturally ideas to pop into your mind when someone else is speaking.  It is very easy to forget those brilliant ideas because you’re too busy listening.  This is especially true when in a group setting.  There are so many topics that fly around and conversation can move very quickly.  Alas, the downfall of being a good listener.  But not to fear, being a great listener offers so much more.  Not being able to say something is a blessing because you learn so much more from listening.

On Taking Breaks

Somedays it can be hard to find motivation.  Somedays you can push through.  Somedays, you have to honour yourself.  When we are constantly being told to go go go, when we are constantly being told that we must be consumers, it is very easy to get caught up in that.  But your mind, body, and spirit knows.  It knows when you need to just chill out.  Sometimes it can be in the form of accidentally falling asleep during the day even if you’ve gotten a solid eight hours in the night before.  Sometimes it can be in the form of catching a cold.  Or sometimes it can come in the form of tears for what seems to be no reason.  If you make yourself aware of the signs, take some time to reflect.  Hit pause for a moment, an hour, or maybe even a few days.  Please take care of you.

On Being Alone

We always talk about how important it is to be alone.  That we should all learn how to be alone and be truly comfortable being alone before committing to another person.  We should be confident in our own skin.  We shouldn’t try to find someone to complete us because we complete ourselves.  This is indeed crucial.  What is also significant is to not hide behind “I am happier alone” just because we are scared to be with someone.  There is a difference.  Be confident in being alone, but also be confident in yourself to know that you are worthy of love.  Do not be afraid to love.

On Scalping

There is a special place in hell for scalpers.  People who purchase tickets to gigs and then sell them to make a profit are terrible human beings.  There is probably another person out there who is incredibly passionate about the art/artist but were unable to get their hands on a ticket.  Probably due to the fact that some asshole decided to buy 10 tickets to a gig with no intention of going.  If you buy a ticket with the intention of going to the gig, great.  If something happens last minute and you aren’t able to make the gig, sell the ticket for what you paid for it.  That’s just good manners.  How dare anyone try to make a profit on something they contributed nothing towards!  The artist sells tickets to make money because they’ve put in the hours and the hard work to create something to share with the world.  Scalpers have not and are not contributing in any way shape or form.  They are leeching off of someone else’s hard work.

On Being Different

You are uniquely you. There is no one else in the whole entire world that can do what you do. So do whatever it is that your heart desires. Be different! It’s scary how people hate on anything that isn’t following a trend. Why does it matter? If you want to follow a trend, go for it but that doesn’t mean the next person needs to as well. 

On The Past

We all have a past.  We have all journeyed to the place we are currently at.  Your path has made you who you are.  It has made you strong.  It has changed who you are.

That’s why being judged on your past is unnecessary.  It is completely unfair for someone to want to remember you as who you were and not accept who you are.  We have all made mistakes.  If we have made steps to learn and grow from our mistakes, that’s what matters.  What matters is that you keep striving to become the best version of you.  Leave all the bullshit in the past.

On Having Off Days

Our lives are busy.  We are constantly being offered (which sometimes feels like being bombarded with) new information.  Some days we can deal with it.  Some days it can be overwhelming and at times this can be too much.  That is completely normal.  We can’t always be at 100% and on our A-game.  It’s okay to take a day off.  It’s okay to have a day to do only things that help you relax and make you happy.  If that means reading a book or binge watching a tv series, do it.  You come first.  There is no point in allowing yourself to become drained.  You won’t be able to help anyone like that.  So remember to take care of yourself!