On Having Faith

Things might not make sense now.  Things might not make sense this week.  Or the next.  Or even in a year from now.  Things might seem to make sense one day but then the following day you’re feeling all confused again.  It is normal to feel confused.  It is normal to question everything.  It’s probably a good thing actually, because it keeps your heart and mind open.  The only way to grow is to be open to whatever comes your way.  Have faith.  The dots connect themselves when you look back at everything but it is only then that things will make sense.  For now, keep trucking along, and enjoy the ride!


On Learning

The only way to learn is through our own trial and error.  The most important thing is that we take that first step, which is to try.  If you never try, you’ll never know.  Swallow your pride, push away your fear, and just try.  At the end of the day at least you’ll have a good story to tell.

On Being Hurt

It’s okay to feel hurt.  It’s okay to be in pain.  It’s okay to feel as if your heart has been stepped on.  It’s okay to feel like your soul has been ripped apart.  We don’t always have to be so strong.  Growth comes from healing our hurts.  Like a muscle, every time we work out, it breaks down to become stronger.  We learn from our experiences every time we allow ourselves to feel.  We learn when we can look at ourselves without judgement.  Just know it is okay and everything is going to be okay.

On Going For It

You have to step outside your comfort zone to see what you’re really capable of.  Comfort and stability is important but too much of a good thing can be detrimental.  Every day, push yourself.  Try something new.  Add on to what you already know.  Keep growing.  There is no downside to more knowledge.  Make sure you’re living your life.  Make sure you’re going for it!

On The Right Ones

Put your trust in people.  Have hope.  Have faith.  The right ones will fight for you.  They will fight to be in your life.  They will fight to be a part of your life.  They will fight to be the one.  Anyone who doesn’t fight for you isn’t meant to be in your life.  It might hurt at first.  You might be surprised or shocked.  But be still; be patient.  The right ones will come along.

On Living With No Regrets

We are responsible for our own lives.  It is easy to get caught up in what someone else wants.  Your parents, your siblings, your friends might have the best intentions for you but only you alone, can decide what is best for you.  Don’t live for anyone else but yourself.  You must live so you have no regrets.  You live for you.  If it means rebelling a little, if it means doing something different that isn’t the norm, if it makes you happy, pursue that.  Be brave.

On First Impressions

Even though you think you click with someone and feel that you have a deeper connection, the fact of the matter is they might be really good at making great first impressions.  Getting to know people takes time.  Anyone can be a great talker the first time you see them.  The more they follow through on their word and the more they follow through with their actions, that’s how you know they are who they say they are.  Patience is key, even though it might be difficult.  Time is how someone proves themselves to you.

On Stepping Stones

Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can leap forward.  Whenever things feel like they’re going backwards, do not give up even if you’re feeling discouraged.  Sometimes we need to be shaken awake by something unexpected happening so that we can become a greater version of ourselves or pursue something greater than what we were currently pursuing.  It might not feel like a blessing in the moment but as long as you pursue everything with an open mind, who knows were life might lead you.  Life might lead you on a more beautiful path then you could have ever dreamed of because you were too busy with your head down and your nose in a map.